Saturday, January 30, 2010

Start 'em off right

A dear friend of mine from high school went off to college at Purdue U. There she learned, made friends, and went to a lot of rowdy football games. She also met her now husband there as well, and together they kept up their tradition of going to football games and other Purdue events together.

Now my dear friend and her loving hubby are just days away from welcoming their first baby boy. When I heard the news, I knew just what this fan-in-training needed:


I used the pattern from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones to make these adorable booties.


Eeeeee! Can you stand the cuteness?

The hooded blanket is also from the same book. The pattern has the middle tie going through some button holes in the center, but I left those off. I figured having the tie around all the time would be a safety hazard as the kid got bigger, but with a regular blanket he can drag it around however he sees fit.


I also added some quilting to help all the layers stay together and make it more durable. I just followed in the pattern on the printed side, which made the stitches disappear on that side with the added benefit of this awesome pattern on the fleece.


Now hurry up and get here, baby! I can't wait to see you all bundled up in your fan gear!

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