Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice cream and cake!

I talked the fiancee--let's call him Mr. McAwesome (because he is, duh)--into going to the big bridal show at the convention center. Promises of ice cream and cake (and food) won him over, and the show certainly didn't disappoint in that regard. Buzzing on sugar, we came to several important conclusions:

1) There are a heck of a lot of photographers, which is going to make choosing hard.
2) We both like the idea of rustic but pretty, like branches with candles and such, for decor. And we want to be as green as possible, natch.
3) Pink is out. Seriously, there was this huge pink booth and it scared both of us.
4) We like cake. A lot.
5) I'm not kidding about #4. We're talking about mini cupcakes now, and other desserts too. Who needs food when you have sweets?
6) I am going to have a hard time finding a dress that isn't strapless.

We finished the day by going to the bridal fashion show. After having some ridiculous DJ try to get us to dance to "We are family" in the rows, we got to see some pretty dresses. All that Project Runway I make Mr. McAwesome watch has paid off, as he has good opinions about fashion. Towards the end of the fashion show, the models were tossing their bouquets. One model aimed for the woman right behind me but her toss was a bit off. As I saw the bouquet flying towards my head, I did what I do at most weddings--I ducked! Mr. McAwesome, however, just opened his hand, with his arm still around me, and caught me this:

Bridal show booty


After the fashion show they had some raffle giveaways. They called five grooms onstage and asked them one question in order to win one a prize. Mr. McAwesome was one of these guys and the first to be asked:
"When is your wedding date?"

His answer? "We don't have one!"

The place erupted in laughter. But since that is technically true, he won a $25 Lowe's gift card. Hurrah, Mr. McAwesome! After taking in account our tickets and parking, we still came out ahead $ some flowers and a belly full of cake. I could get used to this wedding planning business!

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