Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Once upon a time...

Boy meets Girl.
Girl meets Boy.

Boy and Girl talk - a lot - on the phone and email. Boy and girl go to lunch. And then they go to lunch.

Boy thinks Girl is super cool and pretty--and that he probably blew it when his car broke down on the way back from lunch number 2. Girl thinks Boy is intriguing and remarkably cool under pressure. Girl calls Boy for date number three.

That one date turns into two weeks, then three months, then almost four years. Boy buys a house, Girl moves in. Boy and Girl talk a lot, eat a lot, have fun a lot, and dance in the living room.

Boy and Girl spend celebrate the first Christmas that they haven't gone their separate ways by inviting the families to their home...and ordering BBQ. There is much food and wine and laughing.

"A wonderful Christmas," Boy says. "I think we should have a few more..."

And then, a question.

(Girl said yes!)


  1. Congrats! Beautiful ring, by the way!!!

  2. yay!! So happy for you. And what a stunning ring! :)

  3. That's great! Congratulations!!! I love your ring

  4. omgosh! Congratulations! How sweet! ^_^ Here's to many more wonderful Christmas' together for you both!

  5. ooookay, I dunno why my name showed up as oops!