Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't wait until after you wrap...

To take pictures of your creations, as you'll inevitably forget to take them!

In a fit of creative fury, I put together a honeymoon pack for my friend's bridal shower. Their registry was boring me (love them, but who wants to buy sheets and slightly creepy silicone bakeware) so I got creative.

However, I waited until the last minute to do all my creating and was up until 2 am the morning of my flight finishing the details. But it was a hit! A beach bag personalized with their names courtesy of photoshop. Two coordinating visors with mr. and mrs. for the beach. A beach blanket for two with their new (for her) initials. Other cute beachy stuff. Made the uber-long gift opening session more exciting...there are only so many towels and kitchen gadgets you can ooh and ahh over.

The most exciting part of my project was discovering how to embroider on things you couldn't put under the machine, like the visors. I used 4 layers of water soluble stabilizer and stitched the letters using a heavy block font. After washing off the stabilizer, I glued the letters in place, complete with a heart shaped rhinestone for the period. They turned out super cute, if I may say so myself. Maybe I'll get lucky and Jen will send me a picture of them wearing them on the beach!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007