Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blank wall no more!

We had a lonely blank wall in the living room that was mocking me. Such a sad, unloved expanse of bare wall was just begging for something happy. But I had been asked not to put anything large or precious there as it would be in the throwing area for the dart board (I know, I know, but the boy needs his fun). So I was at a loss...until now.

Meet my new art, courtesy of ebay and my fabric stash:

embroidery hoop art

Yippee! And I love that they are in embroidery hoops so I can just pull them off the wall and "embellish" as I see fit.

I started on this embellishment here, with a cute little hedgehog from Pimp Stitch.

Here he is in progress:

unfinished hedgehog

And the finished result:

hedgehog embroidery

1 comment:

  1. Reminds daughter got a book from the library about babies and mommies. Did you know baby hedgehogs are called hoglets? Could that be any cuter?