Monday, June 16, 2008

Pattern Review: Amy Butler Anna Tunic

Summer is officially here and I find my closet sadly short on summer tops. Seriously, I'm still wearing sweaters (short sleeved) some days!

I grabbed another Amy Butler patter so I could whip up something quickly. This time, the Anna Tunic:

I used this crazy rainbow-esque Alexander Henry fabric I got on sale ($5.14 for almost 2 yards!) at my fav fabric store. Because the fabric was loud and I happened to have exactly the right amount for it, I chose the cami option. This would put the finished length right at my hip, which is what I wanted anyway. Hurrah for serendipity!

The result:

anna cami on form

This pattern was reeeeaaaally easy to put together. Definitely a plus. I cut a straight large and it turned out nicely, with a good amount of ease.

The front has cute gathers to give it some shape.

anna cami front

And I love the buttoned back:

anna cami buttons

The only problem I had was the same problem I had with the Lotus Tunic. Again I had things wrong side out when I put the lining down inside of the exterior, and it was supposed to be right side out. Apparently I don't pay attention to that stuff! So remember right side out on step 3H! It was much later when I realized how wrong I was, but luckily it was easily corrected.

One small change. When hemming, I first turned up the hem the total 2 inches, then turned the raw edge down 1/2 inch. This ends up giving the same hem but helps ensure it is straighter...if you are like me, that 1/2 inch is hard to make perfect which could lead to a wonky hem. Oh, and every sewer needs this and this to save your fingers from a hot iron!

Overall I like how it turned out. The fit is good, but I'm not positive it's the right style for my body type. I saw a similar style as a dress on my much much more diminutive friend and it looked fabulous, so you thin or petite gals can eat this one up. I might not make another one, but I'll definitely wear this proudly on a hot summer day!

anna cami full
This is why you hardly see pictures of me in my creations - I always end up looking constipated...


  1. Hi, I just found your blog from the flickr group 'I made it myself'. I love that tunic. I have yet to get an Amy Butler pattern but I might have to get on that soon! I'll take note of your sewing tips!

  2. You look great in that tunic! Thanks for showing the pattern and the hints you posted. Very nice blog. Adding you to my blog list!

  3. I'm getting ready to tackle this tunic this weekend. I love how yours turned out! Great job!