Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cheap Chic?

I'm on a quest--for a lamp.

Not just any lamp. No, it's all complicated (of course). See, when I bought our new couch it fit perfectly in our space which is not easy to do. But I neglected to take into account the need for lamps. Thus we are currently left with three options 1) the entry lamps WAY across the room that are impossible to read by, 2) the icky overhead light that make everything all glare-y, or 3) darkness (or the glow of the TV).

Soooo, I'm on a quest for that perfect lamp that will fit in our limited space. I need a base that is small or will slide under the sofa and a head that reaches out over our sectional sofa.

It's turning out to be harder than I thought.

And then I saw this:


What is it, you ask? It's the Tolomedo Mega floor lamp.

And it's available for the low low budget price of $520, plus shipping.


I'm all about spending money on high quality products that will last a lifetime, hence the sofa. But this is a LAMP and I was hoping to not spend my whole government bribe check in one place (cause I really really want a KitchenAid too!).

Now I'm out searching for substitutions for this lamp.

Option 1: Architect Sectional Lamp at Pottery Barn

Cute. Might work. But I looked at it in the store last weekend and I don't like how the pivot points are set up--I practically knocked over their display trying to get it to move (and of course no one came to help me as I wasn't dressed the part--we were on our way to Home Depot). And for $299 it better be at least decently made. And then there is my whole issue with Pottery Barn and their tireless promotion of completely redecorating your entire room every catalog cycle as they have barely tweaked their color schemes and now none of your old stuff matches...

Ahem. Pardon me, back to lamps.

Option 2: Double Dip floor lamp from CB2

It's not adjustable like the others, so I'm worried that the scale might be a little too big. And it has a foot dimmer, which would be awesome except for the fact that the base will be under the couch. BUT it is on sale for $149...

Option 3: Architect Floor Lamp

I don't know if I'm feeling this one for the living might be a little too much architect! And the shade looks puny. But it's on for $130, and I do love me some

Ugh. Maybe I should just look for something else. None of these options light my fire, and this post on Apartment Therapy pointed out the benefits of buying the original piece. Don't think I'm there yet. But is it really worth it to get a cheap lamp if it is an environmental and human right faux pais that will be replaced in a year??

It's Flea Market weekend here, so maybe I'll find something vintage...HAHAHA! That'll be a quest for sure!

Help!?! Any suggestions?

Update: See what I ended up with here!

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  1. I love a hunt. Did you try or Ikea? At Ikea,--> Regolit and Samtid. Regolit seems bigger.
    You could also find a hanging light and add a shade. Ikea has white & color cords with the bulb socket and a plug, at 15'. (
    You can hide the cord by buying one of those plastic cord channels/phone line channels, and painting it to match your walls. Do a fabric tube to hide the chain, or paint the chain white.

    Good luck, hope you find something that works, and isn't $500 smackers.