Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday distractions for a crafty weekend

Phew! What a week!

I've been very sparse in my postings this week--Sorry! My real job got really busy, and I'm still making serious progress on the Tremendous Totes. Those babies take a lot longer to put together than I thought! But they are reeaaaalllly pretty :)

It's going to be all rainy and cold here in N-ville this weekend. You know what that means? Craft time!

Leaf printing tutorial from one girl design wrks
Tiny terrariums from Cottage Living (so cute!)
Shrinky Dink Rings from Planet June
Elephant purse from Dabbled
Fabric Flowers from Wise Craft
Freezer paper stencils from The Domestic Diva (oh I've got a whopper of an idea using this technique. Can't wait to try it out!)

Go Crafting!


  1. Well I have a big weekend of crafting too, and my list just got longer. However, I would like to show you 2 of my big projects as I think you would approve/enjoy!!

    Silhouette plaques:

    and Punch out Paper Flower Collages:

  2. Oooh, Rory, I love those!

    I'm definitely going to try the punch out collages. Amazing on how something that looks so impressive can be relatively simple to put together. Although your color choices really make them pop!

    Thanks for sharing :)