Monday, April 28, 2008

An early Mother's day weekend...

A mother-daughter bonding experience (commentary by Mom)

-Take mucho apron pics for Mom's website, some of which entail hanging aprons from dogwood trees in from yard. Makes for super cute pics, but pretty sure neighbors now KNOW I'm nuts. ("I love your dogwoods!")

-Venture out to the Tennessee Flea Market ("Oh my stars, look at all this stuff")

-Have oodles of fun pawing through all the junk ("I used to have that")

-Score with the vintage patterns ("Oh how cute--and a vintage aprons pattern, I'm so excited!")

-Take a trip to the super quilt shop in Franklin ("So much fabric!")

-Inadvertently run into the Main Street Festival in Franklin...which, like any good suburban event is overrun with children and giant strollers. ("Awww, look at the cute baby!.....I wish people would keep control of their children!")

-Read thank you note from boss re:quilt Mom made for his new baby. Spend 15 min hearing how cute said baby is and getting a small dose of "Grandma" guilt. ("I'll just be Grandma to Rascal" (the cat))

-Casual mention repainting living room ("I love to paint! Let's go buy some paint!")
-Buy paint. Paint living room. ("It looks like springtime in here!")

-Make tentative plants to paint more on next trip. ("The hallway would look pretty in a different color...and your mantle would look great in jet black enamel!")

-Send Mom home way to early, wishing it could be every weekend. Well, almost. That much fun is exhausting! :)

Back to life as usual (and lots of sewing!!)


  1. Aw, your visit with your mom sounds just like my mom and me...the flea/farmer's market, fabric store, and impromptu redecorating...right down to the comment about her "grand-dog" Betty RASCAL! Plus, did I mention we're from Nashville, too? Spooky!

    I love your blog!

  2. Could we do this every weekend? Maybe not, but I'm willing to try. Perhaps someday. Until then, buy more paint, I'm coming back in August!