Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More shameless self-promotion

Just a quick post right now (I have something else I want talk about, but that'll have to wait until later).

Mucho thanks to Rory for pointing out this:

Yup, on Amy Butler's site! Want to see it for yourself? Go to Amy Butler Design, click on NEW, then scroll down.

Toooo cool! :)

By the way, her new fabric is awesome, is it not? One day my whole house will be swathed in pretty things like that....


  1. This has to be just amazing for you! Is it tough to wrap your brain around?

  2. Wow, that Rory is on the ball..you should send her a free bag or something. Hehehehehehe;)

  3. Jennifer- Yup, it's totally cool, but I have to pinch myself daily! Followed by much daydreaming about running off and becoming a ridiculously overeducated handbag designer...
    Rory- You're the best! I'm sure I can think of something for you... :)