Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday distractions

I'm sure you don't need my help on the distracted part. Are you really accomplishing anything today? It's okay, I understand.

In case you are looking for some productive ways to use up all that distraction, here's a few that I'm perusing:

Today's theme: green (ish) sites

Harmony Art Harmony stole my secret dream of designing really cute environmentally friendly fabric that people can use to make really cute stuff. Sigh. In the mean time, I'll just drool over her designs.
Skin Deep cosmetics safety database. I've become obsessed with trying to dial down the crazy chemicals in my bathroom, and have been plugging all my products into this. Try searching for a certain product type then sorting by safety rating. Becomes almost scary when you look at the worst ratings.

Etsy Labs: How to make lip balm
I'm absolutely addicted to my chapstick, and shudder to think how much I've swallowed in my life. This is an interesting alternative to the petro based stuff.

Green Karat No, I'm not getting engaged Mom! But if I was, I'd want one of these rings. Recycled gold. Cultured diamonds. Support recycling and a revolution of the computing industry instead of mining, DeBeers, and African militias. Sounds like a much better proclamation of love to me! :)Green Sage Sustainable building supplies. I love the cabinet hardware. I'm eventually going to fully transform my craigslist desk into a beauty vanity, and really want these pulls:
Enjoy your distractions!

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