Monday, May 3, 2010

A sinking feeling

My poor city is under water.

After over 13 inches of rain in 2 days, there is wide spread flooding in Nashville. Many have lost their homes and businesses, and downtown is under water. The pictures are staggering--just Google Nashville flood (or check out twitter tags #NashvilleFlood and #OtherSituation2010)

On Sunday, I had no idea that the day was going to turn out like it did. Seemed just like a little rain, and my biggest worry was that the rain would make it hard for me to get to my class with Natalie Chanin at Textile Fabrics. Mr. McAwesome started making pancakes; by the time he was done we were bailing water out of our basement.

We bailed about 4-5 gallons per minute by shopvac and bucket for over an hour before we realized this would be an all day project. To save our backs, and our basement, we had to get creative. Thankfully we are DIY packrats--we cobbled together a system using 2 decorative fountain pumps, some tubing, a very large pot, and Mr. McAwesome's beer brewing pump to get the water out of the low lying area and into the laundry sink.


About 4 hours later we were dry. The same can't be said for our local park. The golf course and greenway were completely swallowed by Richland Creek (river?). When we walked by, the water had already subsided from its highest and the damage was heartbreaking.

A heck of a water hazard...
the cart path is gone.
The 6th tee.
where the water was earlier in the day

I feel lucky that we escaped the "storm of the century" relatively unscathed. Please keep Nashville and all its flood victims in your thoughts.

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