Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To slip or not to slip

An interesting conversation topic came up on my morning walk with some of the ladies in the office. As we started walking, the girl next to me complained that her slip was bunching up and bothering her. This suprised me, not for the TMI, but the fact that she was wearing a slip. Her skirt seemed substantial and was a dark color, and didn't seem in need of a slip. Plus, aren't slips one of those trappings of our mothers' generation that us younger women have cast away? Then the woman next to her (of said mothers' generation) mentioned that she was completely embarrased yesterday when she forgot her slip, and was self-consious about her dress all day. Now I didn't see the offending dress, and thus I can't determine if a slip was necessary or if it was more a comfort thing. And then she said "Some people don't even wear slips!"

I was not wearing a slip.

Truth be told, it would have never even crossed my mind that a slip was required with today's outfit. I'm wearing a cute, cotton, lined dress (this one, to be exact. In turquoise. Very cute, but requires just a tidbit of tailoring to fit me right). Appropriate undergarments in appropriate colors=no visible lines. And while I would consider shapewear for smoothing lumps and bumps, its just to dang hot for that already. And a slip seems like a lot of hassle (shifting, bunching, weird fabric, etc.) for little reward. Doesn't that take away from the freedom of wearing a dress in the first place?

Anyway, my question is: slip or no slip? Does it depend on the outfit? The age of the wearer? The environment where said outfit is being worn? I'm curious, and need answers people! (I also need a place to get a good slip...)


  1. I haven't worn slips since...middle school? I've considered if I should be wearing slips. Most of my skirts are loose and casual...I'm not yet wearing business suits. Maybe if/when I wear suits?

  2. I wore slips all growing up and I won't step foot outdoors without one on now, thanks to my grandma who always made me one. I don't consider myself a mother's generation (I'm 30).
    For me, it's not a comfort issue, slips are for my modesty, you may not notice but your skirt/dresses are see through to others when they hit the outdoor light. I feel uncomfortablefor for women my age with skirts on obviously in need of a slip and I feel sorry for them for not knowing better, you can see every outline of their legs. (I don't want that to be me).
    When you wear tights or nylons don't your skirts "walk" up your legs? slips prevent this from happening.

    (I even have a skirts/dresses with built in lining, and still wear a slip under them, because the lining is not always sufficient)

    Good topic, I always wondered how others felt about this.

  3. Very interesting! I'm pretty picky about the skirts I buy, making sure that they are fully lined, made of substantial fabric, and/or dark colors, so I don't think I have anything that is totally see-through or inappropriate. If someone knows otherwise, I sure hope they would let me know! And I rarely have the static cling/walking skirt issue...probably a function of high humidity which makes static cling easy to solve with a little static guard spray or a dryer sheet. Or maybe I'm just lucky :)
    Thinking of slips always brings back memories of the itchy polyester and lace of my childhood with that horrid thin elastic waistband that digs into my skin. Yet my concerns for lines/lumps and bumps mean I don't think twice about slipping on a pair of spanx uber-control britches, and those aren't exactly comfort-wear. But they make me feel confident and ready to face the world, and isn't that the point? We all have to go with what works for us.
    As women, I think we are so bombarded with messages about how we look that we so hard on ourselves. In the end, really, we are confined by what we ourselves deem as acceptable fashion, which is a function of where we grew up/where we live now/and the type of community we choose to associate with. I try to remind myself that even if my outfit is horrid, any passing stranger (namely women) probably has the same fleeting "I would never wear that" thought that I have when I see a questionable fashion choice and nothing more. On the other hand, men--the good ones--really don't care about all that and just want you to feel confident so you can do your job and/or be a happy wife/mother/sister/daughter/girlfriend etc. Personally I'm trying to not be as hard on myself which in turn makes it easier to see all the beauty in our differences, slip or no slip!
    Whoa, I got a bit off topic there. Perhaps the whole slip issue is a window into bigger issues of fashion and self-confidence? Or perhaps I am a total nutcase? ;)
    Edeenut, thanks for commenting! I too wonder what others think. Out of curiousity, what kind of fabric are your slips made of? Do you have a favorite source or do you make them?

  4. tricot fabric is usually what slips are made of. I'm not sure if your local joanns would carry it, or if you would have to buy it specifically online. I have not looked. I don't make my own.
    here is a bit of info on tricot.

    I usually just buy mine at target, nothing special, a black or white one will go under anything or color. When I wear them I hardly know they are on, the waste fits loosely and they are free flowing as you move. You can feel the fabric in the store to see how tricot feels.

    I really do believe it is how you grew up, I think that if I hadn't had sisters, mom and grandmas wear slips and have me wear them I wouldn't wear them today and would know no difference and could care less.

    Also denim/corduroy and thick canvas skirts that are short, I don't wear slips with those.