Sunday, August 9, 2009

Southern Food and Wine Festival - Part 1

My lovely Auntie got me tickets to the Southern Food & Wine festival as a "congrats on defending" gift. A day of yummy food samples, wine tasting, and watching Alton Brown & the Neelys cook - not too shabby!

Food and Wine logo
I'd like a corner piece, please.

K at festival
(two days before my hair appointment - darn!)

Celebrity poster

Alton Brown stage

Alton Brown
The man lost 45 pounds since March. Um, yeah. And on top of that, he managed to convince me to try eating some trout and other fish besides sushi. But then...

The Neelys
...the Neelys made BBQ ribs and it smelled sooooo good it made me forget all about fish!

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