Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrapperella - a fairy tale

Warning! This story contains a Christmas present reveal. If you gave birth to me, stop reading now!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Scrapperella. She was perfectly normal girl except for one thing - she hated scrapbooking. Scrapperella absolutely despised the craft, muttering under her breath about how all those scrapbooking supplies took up "valuable space for fabric" in the local craft store. She'd tell everyone how much she hated scrapbooking, but she never told anyone her secret...

She wished she could scrapbook.

See, Scrapperella had tried scrapbooking. She had a drawer full of fancy scissors, but every time she used them her rectangles turned out like trapazoids. There was a pile of fancy papers and a half finished book under her bed. Yet she couldn't get the motivation to finish because every time she pulled it out she ended up with glued fingers, paper cuts, and glitter in her hair. Not to mention the fact that she couldn't write in bubble letters to save her life.

But Scrappella now had a dilemma. She loved to take pictures with her digital camera, but then they just sat on her computer, unloved. Random prints would go into a cheesy album or a lonely box, only seeing the light of day once a year.

One day, Scrapperlla was reading her favorite blogs and, upon seeing a gorgeous scrapbook, wondered aloud, "Oh, how I wish I could scrapbook!"

Poof! Ding-ding!

All of a sudden there appeared, in a pop-up window, her Fairy God-friend, complete with his magic wand.

"Scraperella, girl, why so glum? We've gotta turn that frown upside-down before you get wrinkles," he exclaimed.

"Oh Fairy God-fairy, I'm a scrapbooking failure! And I have all these fun pics that I want to show off and no way to do it," she sobbed.

"Sugar, you're not a failure, you're fabulous! Now I know you've got some mad Photoshop skills and I know just how you can use them..."

With that he waived his magic wand (and his hips) and window started popping up left and right.

"First, you need a template. Then some fun papers and embellishments. And then you just layer them up in Photoshop, upload your pages, and they will print them off for you. You won't have to lift a finger, or break a nail!" Fairy God-friend jumped for joy in his window, then ordered a cocktail.

"Oh Fairy God-friend, you've done it again...Look what I did:"



"I told you that you were fabulous!" he exclaimed. "And besides, have I ever steered you wrong? I did find you that hottie hairdresser, didn't I?"

And with that, Fairy God-friend vanished, and Scrapperella didn't hate scrapbooking anymore!


  1. Yay!! I love to scrap! I'm so glad you came around. :)

  2. Thanks! I still can't cut straight, but I loooove photoshop :)