Monday, September 15, 2008

Sometimes I just can't help myself

Hope you all have a very lovely weekend, weather notwithstanding in some locals. Me, I have a lovely little time... a little lounging, a little cleaning (okay, more than I would have liked), a little good food (okay, a lot of that too), a little sailing, and of course, a little sewing:

new pillows

What can I say...I love some pillows!

This one features reverse applique, which is a fun way to use up those Garden Party scraps. Check back later this week and I'll have a tutorial for you to try.

reverse applique pillow

Mmmm, pillows... Makes me want to curl up for a little nap!


  1. I love pillows too, especially your new ones! I love the trim you chose for each pillow, which adds that extra pizzazz.

  2. Love those flirty pillows! You can't go wrong with pom-poms!

  3. Your pillows are beautiful. Great idea for scraps.

  4. Thanks bunches! I've got a slight obsession with trim on pillows, and absolutely insisted that one have pom-poms!