Saturday, February 16, 2008

Uh oh, more fabric

I spent a good portion of the day at Stitcher's Garden in Franklin yesterday. I even called Mom while I was there to see if she needed anything, and she was incredibly jealous.
Anyway, that store has all sorts of goodies. They had the AB oxford stripe I was thinking about, but I wasn't so in love with how the Waverly fabric went with it once I saw it up close. Never fear, I found something even better:"Vintage" Amy Butler Charm fabric. I don't even remember seeing this when it was first out, but I LOOOOOVE it. It has the yummy peach color, so it goes with my faux suede. I picked up some green light weight twill to use for the piping. I'm even going to attempt to isolate some of the paisley motifs for the front. This store never gets rid of anything as they still had quite a bit of this fabric as well as other discontinued AB fabrics. And the ladies working there actually have a method to their madness and know all the fabric they have, even if it does look like a textile truck barfed up bolts...
Apparently they don't ever get rid of notions either. I picked up these too:
Cover-a-buckle? I don't think they even make these anymore. If they did, they would certainly be more than $1.75. The plastic is all brittle-I stuck my finger through the front pulling it from the bag! Ha! Gotta love those little small town shops...

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