Tuesday, February 5, 2008

FABRIC! (and so the sketch changes..)

I was out in suburbia this weekend, and went into JoAnn's. I had a coupon, they were having a sale, so I couldn't resist. But I did find something for my "Amy Butler" bag:
On the right is a faux suede and I just loved the color. Yummy, like peaches. Or lilies. Or other warm weather-like things that I'm craving now. It wasn't quite the right color for me to use with some reclaimed shower curtain fabric from the old house. Never fear, the waverly print in the middle is much nicer! I know, not very green, but I figure this is special circumstances. And then the requisite matching cotton for lining.
I love the fabric, but it required reworking of my sketch:Yeah. So I've decided I need even more fabric! I'm picturing an Amy Butler stripe for the piping, like this one:
And maybe I'll take a flower motif from another fabric to appliqué on the front pocket. Of course, I'll have to look at all this in person as I'm insane about color matching. Next weekend I'll take a trip to the quilt shop in frankin. That place is crazy, with bolts of fabrics floor to ceiling. If they don't have it, no one will!

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