Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Read this! (aka the post where I start a book club...kinda)

So recently I was thinking I should join a book club. You know, to increase my motivation to read more books and have an excuse to sit around and drink wine with fellow readers. Unfortunately, I am not patient enough to deal with the hassle of 1) finding a book club or 2) participating in said club. Plus I have a strong aversion to reading books I don't want to read (high school English, anyone?). Thus I abandoned the book club idea...

Until I had a revelation:

Why not read a book I want to read, write about it on this here bloggity thing, and coerce/pretend that my umteen-million (give or take a few) devoted blog readers are reading and discussing along with me? BRILLIANT! (or pathetic. Take your pick ;))

Anyway, this will mostly be me processing random books I read, but it is my blog so why not? If you want to join me, right now I am reading this:

The Meaning of Wife by Anne Kingston (amazon link)

I'm about 1/3 in and it is very interesting. See you back here in a week or so for my "book-club" conversation about what I've learned :)

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