Tuesday, October 20, 2009

But it's, like, so totally awesome, dude!


Dear Caboodle,

You were my pride and joy circa 1992. You housed pop bead necklaces, notes from friends folded into origami wonders, slap bracelets, a New Kids on the Block pin, and endless other wonders. You then took up residence in my dresser drawer, with nice necklaces and costume jewelry co-mingling in your divided sections. But alas, you just couldn't keep up with this modern woman. See, I'm starting a new job and I'm going to have to do things like accessorize and wear pants other than jeans. Which means I need something a little more hands on for my jewelry and can't be rummaging around in your strange sliding trays before dawn. Sorry Caboodle, you've been replaced.

Meet your replacement:


I hope you approve, old friend. But on a happy note, your departure has cleared up a large opening in my dresser! Guess you won't be that missed after all...


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