Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring cleaning has hidden benefits

Just the other day a package arrived for the boy from his mom. She visited us for Thanksgiving and he was just at her house for Christmas, so this was a bit unexpected. Apparently she's gotten a head start of spring cleaning and decided to send us some things that she thought we'd enjoy for the house. A few knick-knacks, a cool vase, and then this ragged tin with my name on it. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find this:

vintage buttons

BUTTONS! Lots and lots of buttons!

These buttons are a relic of when the boy's grandma would make cute suits for his mom when she worked at a bank before he was born. And likely many other projects as well. She figured I would give them a good home (and she was definitely right about that!).

More, you say? Here's a little taste of some of my favorites/the most bold buttons I have ever seen:
flower buttons
yellow buttons
gold buttons


  1. a neat idea for using all those buttons!


  2. Super cute! Thanks for the link.

  3. Oh what a treasure! Just imagine how much these vintage buttons would cost. Lucky you.

  4. dang you got the "mother lode"

  5. lol, yeah! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them other than sitting in a jar looking pretty (although that seems like a pretty good use for now!)