Monday, August 11, 2008

Gentle Persuasion

The more I deal with men, the more I realize that subtlety is not their forte. Sure, a woman likes a little romance and spontaneity from a man who anticipates here every need. But even the good men appreciate a concise statement of wishes that leaves no room for error. It motivates them, I think.

Case in point: New sofa did not mesh well with old end table. And I hated the old end table anyway (too dorm room). So I went on a hunt and found some I like, but there were a few details that wouldn 't work and they were a bit pricey for the workmanship that went into them. Hey, I thought, I've got a boy with a saw who likes to build stuff...maybe he'll build these for me?

Over the next few weeks, the hint dropping went something like this:

"Check out these end tables I found. Wouldn't they work perfectly by the sofa?"

"Hmm, those end tables I showed you the other day are a bit expensive, aren't they? Couldn't they be made cheaper than that?"

"How hard to you think it would be to make those end tables I like?"

"Hey, I drew up a sketch of the end tables. Why don't you take it with you to Lowe's?"

And finally:

"Make me this."

That did the trick. A week later and I have this:

end table


And that's why guys rock: straightforward, to the point, and very, very handy! :)

P.S. Like my new pillows in the background? Someone else likes them too!

tabby and pillows


  1. this post had me rolling on the floor!

  2. Very cool pillows and tables! LOVELY!

  3. love the table and the pillows!