Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday distractions - Tutorial MANIA!

Hi, my name is Kim and I'm a tutorial hoarder.

I've got mucho tutorials for uber cute things that I've stumbled upon and they sit idle in my bookmarks folder. But they are SOOOO cute I want more, more, MORE!

And yet, I think I've only actually made 1 thing from these tutorials. Sigh.

I feel I must spread the love, as some of these are way too cute to not be made and loved. Not many pics, as they belong to other people, but trust me--you'll love them!

Piggy Bank Wallet from Nosey Nest (crazy cute!)

Fabric Basket from Pink Penguin

Knit Opera Gloves from Sweaterscapes (have I mentioned that I don't knit? But I REALLLLLY want these!)

Cereal Gift Boxes from Chrisjob via curbly

Christmas Pixies from Chickpea Sewing Studio (never to early to start!)

Soft Tree Pattern from Little Birds Handmade

I'm a milkmaid? Summer time Dress by laurasaurus via Craftster (oooh, I forgot about this! I should make it...)

Stuffed Acorn from Old School Acres

Fabric Bucket from Ric Rac (love!)

Reversible journal cover from Kirin Notebook

Phew! I know there are more hidden in my bookmarks, but I keep getting distracted by all the cuteness!

There is one more that I actually made. The Pleated and Darted Purse by U-handbag. (There are a bunch more tutorials there, too!)

I made this bag when I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. We were charged with finding our own black shoes to coordinate with our champagne dresses. Evidently I'm ridiculously tall in the minds of David's Bridal designers, so I had to find flats that wouldn't look silly if they stuck out from under my dress. Long story (shopping trip) short, I found some champagne ballet flats with black lace overlay that matched perfectly!

bridesmaid dress and matching bag

And that required a matching bag, of course:

bridesmaid bag

I used matching satin with black lace on top. I treated the two fabrics as one as I stitched the bag. The tutorial was very well written, by the way!

The addiction is itching again...Anyone have any more tutorials I can oogle?

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